5 Reasons To Start Weight Lifting Now!

I always hear women saying that they don’t want to do weight lifting, because they will become bulky and robotic like men and the effect is not nice at all!

I hear others telling me, I want to do cardio now, shred a bit of weight and then move to weight lifting! 

Ladies, let’s clear things up! Weight lifting will not turn you into Big Hulk, it is your best and fastest way to shred those extra kilos. Cardio is an important tool for weight loss, but it is not the only style of training that you should be focusing on!

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe used to lift? And she was the sexiest woman ever!

 Lifting weights strengthens and tones your muscles in a way that no other form of exercise will. See how:

1- It improves your body strength 

A very prominent and striking way that shows how your body is benefiting from weight lifting, is that your body gets stronger. Stronger, not just at the gym and how much kilos you can lift, it will help you with your daily life activities, like moving and bending throughout the day, carrying things at home, work…

2- Improves your posture

When done properly, weight lifting can do wonders for your posture. I never realized that until I saw before/after pictures of me!

Weight Lifting like dumbbells, dead lift, squats, can greatly improve your posture, increase your back strength, improve your booty’s strength, and simultaneously, improve your pelvic posture.

Your belly pooch naturally diminishes because your hips aren’t extended forward, which appears as that lower pooch.  

You’ll also find you’re able to stand taller throughout the day due to a better posture. This happens by weights improving your back strength, as well as your upper body strength.

3- It strengthens your bones and muscles

Weight training improves bone density, which will reduce the risk of fractures. It also strengthens and reshapes your muscles to improve your balance .

4- It burns more calories

Heavy weight training exercises get your heart racing and burn more calories, this is because they require more energy and effort and consequently it will lead to burn more calories.  

Plus studies show that after a total body workout with just three big muscle moves, your metabolism can be boosted for up to 36 hours post-workout.

In addition, weight training will increase the amount of lean muscle in your body, which is a very good thing, because the more muscle you have , the more you burn fat! 

5- It improves self-esteem 

Being strong and healthy is an ultimate confidence boost! You’ll become more satisfied about your appearance and more positive and optimistic in general!

To note also, that weight lifting alone will not give you the results you want, like if you train hard but still have a burger or a pizza every day, you will not be helping you body. You need to watch your diet, have a healthy lifestyle and you will do a huge difference with your progress!

I will share with you before and after pictures of my body to see for yourself. I was shocked when I saw the huge transformation I did without noticing. I was just being committed and loving the process and my body all the way!

me 1


me 2

me 3

 I want to thank my Coach Fares from Healthy Lifestyle, for his guidance and for always being a great support,  I couldn’t have done it without him. I want to also thank my family and friends for their moral support and encouragement! Love you all :*

Stay Healthy & Fit 

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