Meet Cristel Taoutel Behind KiKi

March is the month to reflect on the achievements of women and empower each other.

In my post today, I’ll be introducing to you Cristel Taoutel behind KiKi that handles Communication, Media and PR.

Cristel Taoutel  - kiki

1- Can you tell us about your background and why you decided to have your own agency

Since my graduation from Saint Joseph University in Business and Management, I started working in the PR field. I worked with luxury products like Dupont, Delsey, Kipling , Lacoste, Lancel, Longchamp and FMCG products ( While working with Hodal Group) and I worked in the PR Services  like five stars hotels and restaurants ( while working in a PR agency) and now I’m working in an Architecture and Consultancy office as Business Development and PR.

I find the public relations field as an extremely attractive profession as it so diverse, dynamic and every day you work on a different thing, which is what I like.

Of course in this field you should be able to work under pressure and multitask, but with the passion to take up new challenges, good listening abilities and a desire to help people, one will adapt and excel in his job.


2- How did you find yourself in the Lebanese market ? And were there any difficulties with the clients?

First of all I want to thank all the opportunities I had in my career and all the companies I worked with, they gave me the chance and the opportunity to grow in this field, they saw my skills and believed in me. 

Plus I want to mention here, that I am from a Syrian Origin, my accent is different, but the people here are very friendly and never faced any problem because of it. This is my identity and I’m proud with it.

3- What differentiates you from the other agencies?

What differentiates me from others, is that I can work with all kind of budgets.

I help my clients to promote their products and services in an efficient way.

KiKi by Cristel Taoutel
KiKi by CristelTaoutel

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