Radisson Blu – State Of The Art Hospitality

Hello Dear Readers,

It’s been long time I didn’t publish any post, it’s not lack of ideas, it just seamed to me that people don’t want to read anymore, they just want to scroll down and look at pictures.

So I took a break and was giving it a thought, but then I said, I’ll keep on writing because that’s what a blogger does and whoever is there to read will read, who’s not interested might just look at the pictures and simply move away…


Most of you know my love for road-trips and trying new places for a stay-cation in Lebanon, so that’s a part I’m gonna keep on focusing on in my blog.

Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with Radisson Blu Verdun.

Radisson Blu recently opened in Verdun and it’s the second Radisson Blu in Lebanon, it’s located in Dunes Center Verdun, just facing ABC Mall. The first one is Radisson Blu Martinez in Ain El Mreysseh.

Located in Dunes Center with many luxurious shops, also situated in one of the most fashionable streets in Lebanon, surrounded by many cafés, restaurants… At Radisson Blu Verdun you’ll definitely be enjoying great time in the city.

Upon my arrival in the afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet the General Manager Mohamad Yassine, who took me for a tour in the hotel and showed me the different facilities.

The staff at the check-in counter were so friendly and helpful, took my stuff to my room.



After the tour, I was guided to my room, it was super cozy, with dessert waiting for me at the table. They know me well 😉


Bed in the middle surrounded by couches on both sides, where you can rest and maybe do some work.

On the left side of the bed, a desk with mirror, perfect for beauty sessions. Kettle and tea are available, which is a must for me!



After I had some rest, went to check out the hotel, took a walk in the hallways, went to the lobby, had a walk in the mall and then visited the business lounge for a snack and tea. The weather was nice, I had the chance to stay a bit on the balcony, it was so peaceful and relaxing.


I wasn’t in the mood to go out, so I decided to have dinner in my room.

Room service was really good, the order came just as I asked for. The food was presented in a sophisticated way, and tasted yummy too.




The dessert was sooo good, I had brownies with ice cream and marshmallows 😉


In the morning, I went to the gym to do my workout, there’s a new fitness gym in the same center, but too bad they didn’t let me take pictures.

After my workout, I had breakfast at Escapade, where I enjoyed their Super Breakfast.



They have a wide selection of cheese, labne, yogurt, ham… bread, croissant, corn flakes…

The staff were very friendly, prepared me my favorite omelette and later on my pancake :)


After breakfast, I walked to ABC Verdun, spent some time in my favorite mall.

Then I spent some relaxing time in my room, chilled, watched TV before checking out.

I really enjoyed my time at Radisson Blu Verdun, took some time for myself to just sit back and do nothing. It was calm, although it’s in the middle of the city, but you can’t feel the noise or anything.  Wonderful staff, they were very friendly and helpful.

127 rooms, newly refurbished in a very modern and stylish design. The interior is so cozy, the colors are warm. Spa and swimming pool will be added later on.

The location is a great plus, it’s located in a vibrant street, makes it a perfect choice for a stay-cation in the city.

If you’re coming to Lebanon for business and for leisure at the same time, I highly recommend you to stay at Radisson Blu – Verdun.

Stay tuned for my next destination!